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David Laguna, Mexico City

Hello there,

I was pleased to see your company’s job posting on your website. I would appreciate being considered for the UX Design Lead opening. My resume is in the profile section and it demonstrates my history in product development maximizing the user experience. An enthusiastic self-starter I know how to move forward without a lot of supervision creating not merely great flows but exceptional interfaces.

An UX design Lead has to be able to design and redesign portals from the ground up. This means knowing the traditional tools but also know when to cut away and implement fresh perspectives. I have a strong portfolio of web application design that shows a fluency in several software and web tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, WordPress, etc. and unique ways to create wireframes and cutting comps. While maintaining focus on business goals I never lose sight of developing a maximized user-centered experience.

In 2008 I started a project called Creative Lighters. This was a creative social network. In resume it was a combination of 99 designs, Behance network and Linkedin. I started this project without a dime and without any idea of where to start, I just had the motivation and the dream. After an exhausting research I started to land the idea on paper. Once all the ideas were in place I started to carefully design every and single page of the social network. Meanwhile I started to rise a team to help me make this dream comes true. Long story.

Another self stated project is Grainzilla which is an online shop. You can find instant downloadable products that make digital video look like film. Here I configured and design the whole site and products.

Although most of my experience is on web sites development I have been working entirely in the mobile industry during the last year, mainly designing the UI for mobile products and helping in the UX of several apps creating as you say “paths of least resistance”.

Also I have a video production background that can help me to understand better the needs of the beme’s target.

I think my talents more than fit with your need for an UX Design Lead. I would appreciate the chance to discuss my candidacy in greater detail.

Best Regards,

David Laguna